The House of Eden opens its doors for the first time!

Boutique Homeware One-size clothing Store opening The House of Eden

I often find myself sat at 'work' and just looking around, smiling to myself. That's because I can't believe that I am now a store owner! It's been a dream of mine for years but it was one of those things that I thought would never comes true. 

Around the middle of 2019 I started getting itchy fingers. Things were happening to my friends and family where it was becoming apparent (sadly) that life is way too short and you don't know what's around the corner, so I decided to take a deep breath, pull up my big girl pants, and jump into the unknown. And regardless of what the future holds, I know that it was the best career move I ever made.

The reason behind wanting to set up The House of Eden was down to years of negative shopping experiences. More often than not I would end up feeling disheartened and down about myself as I would think I'm one size, but when I go and try on the clothes they wouldn't fit, sometimes not even nearly! This is because clothing sizes often vary so much from brand to brand.

I figured that if I felt this way, there will be countless others that do too, and The House of Eden was born. I decided that I would only sell one-size clothing to take away this frustration and create a happy, stress-free clothes shopping experience. And because I love accessories (a girl can never have too many bags or scarves, right?!), pretty bits and pieces for my home and home fragrances (I don't want to think about the amount of candles I've bought over the years!), I wanted to complement the clothing range with these items. For someone nipping in to buy a present for a friend or loved one, I even have a range of greetings cards so that everything can be bought in the one place. 


So, on Monday 28th September I will be opening the doors to the (mask-wearing!) public for the very first time! 

I'm based on Ricknall Avenue on Aycliffe Business Park in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, just a few doors down from Greggs which is doing nothing for my waistline! There are a diverse range of businesses here - there's myself and another clothing store, Tie Bird, who specialises in hair ties and custom-made clothing, a sports massage place, a health & safety business, a martial arts academy and even a local MP's base. And then of course, the delightful Greggs where the workers from the nearby factories can be often found queuing for their sausage rolls and pasties! 

If you live in the Newton Aycliffe area I would love to see you, so please pop by to say hi! You can find me at:

Unit 6, Sydney House
Ricknall Avenue
Aycliffe Business Park
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

Click here to get directions. 

See you soon!