Stamford Incense Sticks - Dragon's Blood
Stamford Incense Sticks - Dragon's Blood
Stamford Incense Sticks - Dragon's Blood
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Stamford Incense Sticks - Dragon's Blood

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This packet of Stamford Dragon's Blood incense sticks contains approximately 20 sticks per packet. These incense sticks have been carefully prepared with wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts for a truly enriching experience. Each Dragon's Blood incense stick will burn for approximately 45 minutes - perfect for a meditation session or simply for providing a calming scent to your home.

Incense sticks are widely used worldwide to relax and clear your mind, bringing peace to your home. It is also used for meditation, relaxation, practising yoga, or unwinding at your home.

PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Incense sticks are widely used in the practice of yoga and meditation to unwind while encouraging emotional release and deepening spirituality. It is also great for spending time outdoors at picnics, barbeques, patio parties, camping, holidays, and festivals.

NO ANIMAL CRUELTY: These products are free from animal fat and animal by-products. They are also made of non-toxic materials and are minimally but beautifully packaged using recyclable paper.

HOW TO USE: Incense sticks are extremely easy to use; simply light up and blow after a few seconds. The stick will then smoulder, releasing fragrance into the room.


Made in India