Handmade Upcycled Loose-fitting Kimono - Green Floral
The House of Eden

Handmade Upcycled Loose-fitting Kimono - Green Floral

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This mid-length, handmade upcycled loose-fitting kimono, made from an eye-catching, bold green floral print fabric adds a fabulous finishing touch to your outfit. 

The style of this mid-length kimono in a silky-feel fabric can be dressed up or down - from a low-key day-out outfit to a boho finish to your girls-night-out ensemble! 

This handmade upcycled kimono has been designed to fit in with The House of Eden's one-size clothing ethos, so the style is loose-fitting with wide, open-arm sleeves. 


PLEASE NOTE: As this is an upcycled item, there may be some imperfections present in the fabric. This will not take away from the overall look, however.