Decorative Mango Wood Branch Slices Hanging Heart
Decorative Mango Wood Branch Slices Hanging Heart
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Decorative Mango Wood Branch Slices Hanging Heart

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Handmade mango wood heart-shaped hanging, solid wood on the back, and decorative small branch slices on front

Mango trees mature relatively quickly compared to most trees so are an excellent source of sustainable wood. This mango wood hanger comes from mango farmers who sell it off in order to make extra money to secure their future. This great use of the branches, and parts of the tree that would not be used ordinarily, allows the farmers an extra source of income when times are tough, and we love it!

This product is made by slicing up the smaller branches and twigs that would normally not be given a second life. They add an earthy natural feel to the plain wood underneath. The unique patterning of mosaic wooden tiles creates an aesthetic individual to each piece so you can guarantee yours is special and the effect it gives is just stunning.

Approximate size: 9x9.5x2.5cm (plus string to hang)

Made in India

Buying this product helps support grassroots projects that enable lots of struggling artisans learn the tools they need to set up business and trade themselves out of poverty. Not only are they provided with free business classes, but also computer classes so they’re able to reach a wider market enhanced by technology that would not be able to reach without support. On top of this, they’re provided with laptops and grants so they’re able to buy the machinery or tools needed to get their start-up off the ground. This is real support that builds the foundation of a successful future. Buying this product also helps fund medical camps that give free check-ups and medicine to the surrounding community. It also helps support over 100 children through education, whilst providing necessities like books and shoes.

Fair Trade and Eco-friendly