Bergamot Bath Salts - 500g (includes mini scoop)
Bergamot Bath Salts - 500g (includes mini scoop)
The Old Saw Mill Co.

Bergamot Bath Salts - 500g (includes mini scoop)

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This 500g Bergamot bath salts and mini wooden scoop set has been hand-mixed in Bishop Auckland using the finest ingredients.

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the tree Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia of the Rutaceae family and is also known as Bergamot orange. The rind of both ripe and unripe fruit is used to extract the oil, which yields about 0.5 % oil which has a watery viscosity. The scent of the oil is basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet, with a warm spicy floral quality and is reminiscent of neroli as well as lavender oil.

Dead Sea Salt
Bergamot Essential Oil
Sodium Bicarbonate

Sprinkle a handful into a warm bath, allow to dissolve